2500W Garden Shredder at Aldi

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From Thursday 4th September 2014 Aldi are offering a 2500 watt garden shredder with a 60 litre collector.


Specifications listed on the Aldi web site include:

  • 3m cable
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Reverse running switch
  • Self-closing
  • Transparent waste box

As i write this I see that for £129.99, only £10 more than the Aldi shredder, Argos are selling a more powerful 2800W Qualcast garden shredder with a 60 litre box

2 comments on “2500W Garden Shredder at Aldi

  1. Ing G Langeraar

    My shredder purchased approx 6 month ago stop working possibly mainly the on switch. I like to download your manual and advise how to get this new device working again

  2. David Arnot

    Dear Mr Langeraar, I have the same problem. Were you ever offered advice? One way or another did you work it out and can you advise me? I’m not that computer literate so the simpler you make your reply the better, please. The problem for me is how to separate the switch from the body.


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