Under £50 electric lawnmower at Clas Ohlson

Under £50 seems to be the standard price point for basic small rotary electric lawnmowers this season.

Cotech Electric Lawnmower

Scandinavian retailer Clas Ohlson are getting in on the act with the 32cm own brand Cotech electric lawnmower currently priced at £49.99.

Styled in Clas Ohlson’s trademark bright blue colour this rotary lawnmower is powered by a 900 watt mains electric motor. It has a cutting width of 32cm and the cutting height is adjustable between 30mm and 65 mm in three steps. This lawn mower comes with a 30 litre grass collector.

If you are not local to a Clas Ohlson store the Cotech electric lawnmower is available to order online from the Clas Ohlson web site.

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