Aldi Essential 32cm electric mower back for 2015

Looking back I see it is almost exactly a year ago I wrote about Aldi offering a 32cm 1000watt electric mower under their own ‘Essential’ band. Well it looks like it sold reasonably well as it is back in Aldi again from Thursday 18th  June 2015.

Gardening Essentials 1000W Lawnmower

I would love to hear from anyone who bought one last year how they are getting on with it, a quick review in the comments box below would be muck appreciated.

This small electric rotary mower looks good for the price being asked but I have no idea of the build quality. It is obviously aimed at those with very small areas of grass to cut and also those who want a basic cheap lawnmower rather than those who would rather pay the extra and get a branded mower such as a Bosch Rotak.

5 comments on “Aldi Essential 32cm electric mower back for 2015

  1. Mrs A Broughton

    You have to take the wheels off to adjust the blade height and the wheels have a tendency to fall off if used on slightly bumpy ground. I bought mine last year from Aldi and it worked ok when last used but on getting it out of the shed this year it won’t start at all. Their technical people do not give any help and their are no spares available to purchase

  2. Sue

    I bought one last June but due to a failed house purchase did not use it until a couple of weeks ago, just over a year since purchased. I can honestly say that it is the worst buy I have ever made. I have a very small, level lawn. Cutting performance is poor, cutting height being adjusted by removing all four wheels and repositioning them. Even on level ground, after tightening and re tightening the wheel nuts, one wheel falls off after one short run.

    I am extremely disappointed with its very poor quality and performance and would not recommend it.

  3. Dave S

    As others have said here –
    1. the wheels are screwed on by hand and even tightening them very securely they occasionally came loose and fell off whilst mowing
    2. to change the cutting height you remove all wheels and re-fit them at a different level
    3. after one and a half seasons of use, June 2014 to Sept 2015, the mower just doesn’t start. I have checked the fuse is ok but this is the limit of my ability and I didn’t keep the receipt
    HOWEVER – it does come with 3 years parts and labour guarantee so once you’ve secured the wheels properly and decided never to change the cutting height, this still becomes a pretty reasonable purchase.

  4. Paul

    Had mine 2 years, no problems at all with this mower the wheels have never fallen off on mine, plastic nuts are still secure, basic but does it job.


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