Aldi Essential Electric Hedge Trimmer 2015

Aldi are selling a basic corded electric hedge trimmer under their Essentials brand from the 18th of June 2015.


It looks to be the same model that which I wrote about when Aldi were selling it last year and it would be interesting to hear from anyone who bought one then how they are finding it.

For those looking for a basic cheap hedge trimmer the price looks very good although Homebase do offer a slightly cheaper Powerbase Electric Hedge Trimmer.

As always with mains electric garden machinery this hedge trimmer should be used with suitable RCD protection to minimise the risk of electric shock.

3 comments on “Aldi Essential Electric Hedge Trimmer 2015

  1. Moya Eaton

    Bought this summer using it for the 2nd time I cut the cable and now left without power in the garage. Checked the fuses but they’re still okay so not impressed. i know I shouldn’t have cut the cable but this happens all the time with hedge trimmers. I’ll never buy a cheap one again! Now have to call in an electrician to restore power.

  2. GreenDog

    Lol. I did the same – on both. But what is the alternative? Petrol gives off really bad fumes and battery powered ones don’t seem powerful enough (and can be heavy).

  3. Joanne Stone-moore

    I bought one at least 5 years ago…I thought it was longer ago…..still going strong. I’ve cut through many a wire but always fix it xx xx well worth the money. I’m looking to get another one x as it’s on its last legs. We are surrounded by hedges 😣


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