Aldi Essential Lawnmower – 32cm electric mower offer

Aldi are advertising that they will be selling what they describe as an Essential Lawnmower from Thursday 19th June 2014.

Gardening Essentials 1000W Lawnmower

This electric rotary lawnmower has a 32cm cutting width and has three adjustable cutting heights. It comes with a 30 litre grass collection box and is fitted with a 1000 watt electric motor.

Aldi have priced this machine slightly cheaper than similarly specified mowers from retailers such as Tesco, Wilko and Ideal World but being one of their weekly offers they are likely to only be around in store for a short time.

5 comments on “Aldi Essential Lawnmower – 32cm electric mower offer

  1. Philip mcleod

    I bought this mower a year a go ‘ and went to use it this year only to find the belt has broken.
    So where can I get a replacement belt.
    GE SLM 32 E-ZB

  2. Alan Dixom

    The motor has burnt out this is one big fault with this lawnmower it is the second time it has happpened to me l obviously couldn’t recommend them what would be the cost of repair and what would be the cost of a new motor. Part number 1431702. Thank
    Alan Dixon

  3. Leanne Toohey

    I bought an Aldi Essentials electric – battery operated lawn mower about 2 years ago and it recently stopped working. I only have a very small lawn. Rang a few repairers but no one keen to touch it cos it’s an Aldis and they’d probably have to order parts in. Went really well beforehand. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Leanne.

  4. Jas B

    Dead after 4years. Motor burnt out – Part Number – 1000W SMV 1431702 but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Has a thermal fuse on the motor – but still burnt out.
    As Alan Dixon said probably cheaper to buy something else. Disappointing it can’t be repaired, such a waste – but it’s the world we live in now.
    If anyone else has this problem and is less than 3 years it’s still under warranty.


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