Aldi own brand hover mower

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Supermarket chain Aldi are advertising that they will be selling in a basic own brand 28cm electric hover mower from Monday 6th April 2015.

They say this is a new model but do not say how it differs from other cheap own brand hover mowers, or brand name s such as Flymo hover mowers.


Specifications include:

  • 28cm cutting width
  • 2 cutting heights (10mm & 20mm)
  • 1000W
  • 10m cable

This model uses replaceable plastic blades and six spare blades are included. I would be interested to know if the blades on this mower are compatible with those on other makes and how straightforward it is to get further replacements. If anyone knows which blades it uses please comment below.

UPDATE 2016 : Aldi are offering these again in 2016. I also note that Argos are offering their 29cm cutting width Sovereign hover mower for just £5 more as I write this.

5 comments on “Aldi own brand hover mower

  1. Ted Robbs

    Picked up one today @ £29.99 in Aldi. Uses same blades as for sale on eBay for lots of other makes. SU332 I think is their code for replacements but I’ve bought 20 for £3.29 from eBay as spares.

  2. Ray Ridley

    I have also looked on ebay there are loads of different packs of 20 blades which ones did you buy (challenge tesco own ) etc

  3. robert

    i bought this lawn mower from aldi and parts are missing gggrrr,no soare blades and screws to assemble handle are missing

    1. ugo

      hello guys, i have just bought this cutter from aldi, 1st use was ruin probably due to my inexperience, could you pls tell me which ebay seller provides spare blades pls??

  4. Lynn

    I bought this as a stop gap to getting a more expensive one in 2015. Very happy with this actually so didn’t bother getting another one. It cuts great on all height settings. My only grumble are that the wheels keep coming off!!! Sounds like a comedy song but no matter how often I tighten the nuts they still undo and hey presto a wheel comes off. Need to buy replacement blades for first time since I purchased in 2015. Would recommend the little mower.


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