B&Q Bosch Rotak Ergoflex Electric Rotary Mowers

B&Q currently have some very keen prices on their range of Bosch Rotak Ergoflex electric rotary mowers compared to other retailers.

Bosch Rotak

It looks like B&Q have done a deal with Bosch and that the models B&Q sell are exclusive to them with slightly different model numbers to their general equivalents.

There are three B&Q Bosch Ergoflex models, the 43cm Bosch Rotak 430 Ergoflex, the 34cm Bosch Rotak 340ER Ergoflex, and the 37cm Bosch Rotak 370 Ergoflex.

The equivalent non B&Q Bosch Rotak models are the Rotak 34, Rotak 37 and Rotak 43.

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