Comparing the Mountfield SP414, the Mountfield SP164 and the MowDirect MD 40P petrol push lawn mowers

I have previously written about the Mountfield SP164 from Screwfix and the  MowDirect own brand  MD 40P lawn mowers. The SP164 looks like a Screwfix exclusive version of the Mountfield SP414 39cm lawn mower.

I struck me that the 39cm MowDirect MD 40P looked remarkably similar to the Mountfield SP414. Both have polypropylene decks with a moulded carrying handle on the front, the handle you push attaches to the deck in the same way at the rear and the wheels look identical as can be seen in the images below.

They do have different engines. The Mountfield lawn mowers are powered by a Mountfield 100cc 4 stroke engine, the MowDirect MD 40P has a larger 150cc GGP SV35 Easy-Start four stroke unit.

That GGP SV35 Easy-Start engine is a massive clue to the origin of the MowDirect mower.  GGP are Global Garden Products, a major manufacturer of lawn mowers who make own brand mowers as well as garden machinery under brands they own. It very much looks like GGP make the MowDirect exclusive MD 40P.

GGP have grown by acquiring well known brand names in garden machinery, they currently manufacture and sell lawn mowers under the brands Stiga, Alpina, Atco, Castelgarden, and Mountfield. Yes GGP own Mountfield, probably explaining why the MowDirect and Mountfield machines look so similar..


MowDirect MD 40P

MD 40P Petrol Push Lawn Mower

Mountfield SP414

Mountfield HP414 Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

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