Coopers Rechargeable Cordless Cylinder Lawn Mower

I keep seeing the Eckman Cordless Rechargeable Cylinder Lawn Mower advertised in the press but I wondered what other rechargeable cylinder lawnmowers were available.

The first I came across was from Coopers Of Stortford who also often advertise in newspapers and magazines via mini catalogues.
Coopers Of Stortford offer the Coopers Cordless Cylinder Lawn Mower.


  • 30cm cutting width
  • 15mm to 47mm height adjustment
  • 20 litre grass box
  • 12v rechargeable battery
  • Rear roller for striped finish
  • Up to 1 hour cutting time from a 16 hour charge
  • 12 volt lead acid battery
  • Spare batteries available


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  1. Tina Judge

    can you still buy the charger for this model please give me hope as i have looked every were but seem to have miss laid ours,many thanks.


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