Eckman 4-Stroke 97.7cc Petrol Water Pump

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I spotted the Eckman 4-Stroke 97.7cc Petrol Water Pump in a newspaper special offer a couple of weeks ago and at the time wondered how many would have a use for such a piece of equipment.

Well it stuck in my mind, and the more I thought about it the more uses for a small portable petrol engine water pump I came up with.

Eckman 4-Stroke 97.7cc Petrol Water Pump

A quick internet search revealed that are selling the Eckman 4-Stroke 97.7cc Petrol Water Pump online. They list the features of the unit as:

  • Powerful 4-stoke forced air cooled 97.7cc / 1.8kw (max) petrol water pump
  • Contact-free transistorized ignition
  • Pumps 12,000 litres / 2,640 gallons per hour for almost 2 hours on a full tank of unleaded petrol
  • Lifts water a maximum 5 metres (approx.16.5ft) and pumps it to a maximum 25 metres (approx. 82.5ft)
  • Total pumping distance of 30m/approx. 99ft
  • Comes complete with 40mm/1½” inlet and outlet hose connectors
  • Circlips, particle strainer and comprehensive instructions also included

3 comments on “Eckman 4-Stroke 97.7cc Petrol Water Pump

  1. J Brown

    I just bought one of these, and am having nothing but difficulty. The instructions are anything but ‘comprehensive’, there is a second on/off lever that is not described anywhere in the instructions, the clamps that come with the pump do not tighten sufficiently on corrugated pond hose, and, even with priming the entire length of the intake and output hose, I cannot get it to pump anything. The engine will only run on full throttle. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I would have loved to contact the person writing the review above, to see how they got this to actually work.

    1. J Brown

      And I am leaving a reply one year later…having suffered with this horrible pump for one year, where I needed to get a strong neighbour to pull the flywheel any time I wanted to use it, I have attempted, once again, to start it at the beginning of the second season of owning it. My opinion of this thing has not changed, but has become worse. I now feel that this is part of some Chinese conspiracy to frustrate and injure gardeners worldwide. I have just given up after one full hour of trying to start it for the first time this season. Over the winter, I treated it with kid gloves, cleaning everything, changing the oil, dumping the old petrol, etc., etc. I hate this machine.

  2. inisfad

    I’m back…LOL. Having dealt with this pump now, for a few years, I finally decided to seriously ‘service’ it. When taking it apart, I noticed a few things – first, the indicator for choke open vs closed was actually backwards. The butterfly was in the wrong position for cold start. No wonder this thing was difficult to start. Additionally, the marks on the snout were not lined up with the marks on the flywheel. I adjusted that, too. Now the pump starts much more easily. I only wish it had been assembled properly at the factory, so that Eckman would have continued to sell it. Aside from the starting issues I had with it, it’s a good little pump, and the price was good, as well.


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