Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter + Free Extras

MowDIRECT have an interesting offer on the Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter, for a limited time they are throwing in the following free when you buy one.


  • Free Protective Helmet with Ear and Face Guard – worth £25!
  • Free Protective Gloves – worth £10!
  • Free 2-Stroke Mixing Bottle – worth £5.95

The Einhell BG-BC Petrol has a 25cc 2 stroke petrol engine and comes with two cutting heads, a 42cm nylon-line head for lighter-duty applications, or with a 23cm four-tooth metal brush-blade for heavier duty work.

Full details on the MowDIRECT web site.


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  1. admin

    If you don’t need the extras MowDIRECT are including with the Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter then CPC are currently offering this Einhell trimmer and brushcutter at a slightly lower price, see here.


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