Florabest 1200W Electric Lawnmower at Lidl

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UPDATE: These are back in store again for 2016.

Lidl are doing one of there while stocks last offers on a Florabest 1200W electric lawn mower from the 1st of May 2014.

This Lidl Florabest lawnmower has a steel blade giving a cutting width of 31cm and the machine is adjustable to give three cutting heights. It comes with a 30 litre grass collector.

UPDATE: As an alternative  look at the £45 32cm mowers offered by Tesco and Wilko

Update: Another alternative at the same price for 2016 is the snazzy red and grey Ryno electric lawnmower on sale at The Range.

FLORABEST 1200W Electric Lawnmower

4 comments on “Florabest 1200W Electric Lawnmower at Lidl

  1. Maureen Marsh

    I was wondering if I could get a new blade 31cm for my Florabest 1200W Eectric Lawnmower from Lidl. It was very good value and last year I caught a large stone and twisted one of the blades.

  2. Nikkie

    Hi I have a green line lawn mower it’s called a Germ 32. Where can I get some spares parts from as I need a new blaze and 2 new wheels


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