FLORABEST Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

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From September 1st 2014 supermarket chain Lidl are offering a FLORABEST Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer for £69.99.

FLORABEST Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


  • 410mm cutting length
  • 2,200 cuts per minute
  • 90° rotating handle
  • 150° adjustable cutting angle

22 comments on “FLORABEST Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

  1. P. Palmer

    Not to the normal “Florabest” quality – The switch frequently locks in the off position requiring a lot of coaxing to free it – The lead is much too short to9 be of any practical use – all in all a poor product.

  2. Bay Leaf Post author

    I’ve looked at these in Lidl and it says ‘Grizzly’ in small print on the box. Grizzly sell a very similar hedge trimmer.

  3. The Best Gardener (?)

    I Found the Long reach Hedge trimmer very good for the price! I’m a gardener who also has the Stihl electric long reach , which cost £300+ . The stihl has the same cutting head as the petrol version so can nosh through quite thick stuff, but the lightness and extra 9″ leach of the Florbest has proved invaluable! Sadly due to my constant usage and probably asking it to work through too many ‘thick bits’, the gear box at the cutting head has seized after a years use. I hope to get a replacement head or repair it. But if you bought one for your domestic garden needs and were trimming twice or three times a year, you could not do better .

    1. Adele

      Hi Stuart, I’m surprised to see you say it was light!. I recently bought one and found it to be far too heavy to swing about safely. Id bought it to prevent the need for ladders.
      I’m very fed up having bought it early in the season to be prepared, and now I’ve set it up to use and found it unusable lidl have said they won’t take it back. As far as I’m concerned its not fit for purpose

    1. The Best Gardener (?)

      It sounds like you have a chainsaw. you need to tighten the chain on the chain guide bar. do not use it with a slack chain. Get a helpful man to look at it? Or take it to a garden machinery repair place and ask thier advice. If they are good , they will help you ,despite you having bought a “Cheap bit of kit” !

  4. R Clougher

    We are trying to use one of these on my mum’s garden and the head of the trimmer has stopped working – any ideas, unfortunately, there are no instructions. My mum has had this product for several years but it was only used twice a year.

  5. RC

    I bought the multi- tool full of confidence. Sadly, after two outings the trigger switches that activate the blades of the hedge trimmer/ chainsaw have stopped working. Is there a maker’s warranty period? Has anyone experienced the same problem or Lidl’s response to similar complaints?

  6. Max

    I’m using the long reach hedge trimmer for the first time, unfortunately the locking button for the two sections keeps slipping out of position, so the cutting section then becomes useless! Anyone else experienced this, and if so how did you rectify it please?

  7. Dave

    After a few minutes use, smoke poured from the motor housing and then it caught fire! Totally unacceptable! Did someone mention Stihl?

  8. Eric.

    Bought one today. Safety switch jammed after 5 minutes. Got replacement. Cut 3 thin branches with chainsaw and then it died.
    It’s a toy, of absolutely no use in the garden.

  9. Grahame Baker

    Biggest heap of rubbish I have ever wasted my money on. Don’t buy from Lidl or Aldi you wont be able to buy the parts or be able to get in touch with the manufactures.

  10. Ken Wheeler

    Just purchased the long reach trimmer from Lidle, and so far found it reasonable, but it doesn’t get thru the thick branches like my old Black & Decker. It does however reach those parts that my neighbour on the other side never touches, but I really need the pruner for some of the growth. Can I purchase the pruning head to fit onto my existing unit.

  11. sharon neish

    Can someone answer the question about the extremely short cable?? I have an extension reel but then the plug is hanging mid air attached to the extension reel. Is this safe?

  12. Fitzherbert Turner

    FHL900D4 Motor burnt out and reduction gear bearing shattered, The rest is ok if anyone require spares for a small consideration.


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