Florabest electric scarifier and aerator at Lidl

Supermarket chain Lidl are offering various garden deals from the 12th of March 2015 and among them is a Florabest electric scarifier/aerator priced at £59.99.

FLORABEST Electric Scarifier Aerator

This seems a reasonable price with Homebase asking £10 more for their Qualcast LRS32 Raker and Scarifier and Screwfix £20 more for the slightly more powerful Titan TTB428GDO 32cm 1300W lawn scarifier.

Specifications for the Lidl own brand Florabest electric scarifier/aerator include:

  • Swappable scarifying roller and aerator roller
  • Scarifying roller has eight stainless steel double blades
  • Aerator roller has forty two flexible steel spring claws
  • 1200 Watt motor
  • Folding handle
  • 30 litre collector


7 comments on “Florabest electric scarifier and aerator at Lidl

  1. Bay Leaf Post author

    Saw these in store and the box is marked ‘Grizzly’ in small print so we now know who is supplying them to Lidl.

  2. Edwin

    Bought this item. Used it on the lawn last week. Worked excellently but on observation of the aerator post use there was about 12 of the spring claws broken. I cannot find replacements and only contact was grizzly and they only sell replacement aerator, at a cost of £27. This is half the price of the whole machine. Unless reasonable spares can be sourced, i would be cautious……

  3. Jaysukhlal Mehta

    I have the same problem. The replacement spring claws cost 50% of the cost of new machine.
    I think this is exorbitant.

    Jaysukhlal Mehta

    1. Dai Bach

      This aerator on the FLV 1200 & 1300 cannot be dismantled so tines cannot be replaced. I had 19 tines broken after 3 uses in two years. The Service Agent,, Novo Ltd, said not covered by guarantee.
      Spoke to Lidl customer services stating product not durable & therefore not fit for purpose. If I had used the aerator as recommended, once every 4/6 weeks, it would have been useless after 3 months or so, well within Lidl’s one year guarantee.
      Lidl have agreed to returning the product to store for a full refund.
      Suggest you both do the same.

  4. David whitham

    Bought this Lidl Scarifier early 2016. Went 10 meters and the rotor would ‘spring’ out of the square drive pin. The plastic chassis was not rigid enough to hold the rotor in place. Sent to Lidl returns in Germany. Came straight back saying it was our problem that the rotor was not engaged with drive. Furious! So took back to store, made a fuss and got money back. The Lesson – do not buy items from from Lidl, badly desgned….!

  5. johnny

    I have a very old model scarifier from lidl with 24 tines. on inspection 12 were broken. I searched on ebay and found GHS Garden & Hire Spares Worcestershire. Item code 3102 lawnrake tines pack of 42. £7.26 including postage. This item seems to work well if you fix 2 tines in place of 1. You will be 6 tines short, but space them out and it works quite well. To dismantle I had to knock out the split pin on the shaft with a pin punch. To replace it I ground a good chamfer on it.

  6. d c patel

    i have the same problem .got on to lidl only to find out that tha manufacturers than have gone bust.gave me alternative suppliers for spares esp. the scarifier square pin all rounded hence no spin.sad


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