Flymo Speedi-Mo wheeled electric lawnmower

Think Flymo and hover mowers come to mind but Flymo make more conventional wheeled lawnmowers too. One of these is the Flymo Speedi-Mo, a 32cm electric lawnmower.

As I write this Wickes are selling the Flymo Speedi-Mo at under £50 making it look a very competitive buy compared to the basic own brand electric lawnmowers stocked by other retailers. Interestingly Argos sell the suspiciously similarly specified Flymo RE320 Easimo for about the same price.


Features of the Flymo Speedi-Mo include:

  • 32cm cutting witdh
  • 20mm to 60mm cutting height
  • 3 cutting height settings
  • 29 litre grass collector
  • 900W motor

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