Fox 18” Petrol Lawn Mower

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I recently saw a newspaper advert for UKHS which featured what looked to be reasonable priced petrol lawnmowers.

Fox 18'' Petrol Lawn Mower

Looking at the UKHS web site my eye was caught by the Frisky Fox 18” Petrol Lawn Mower which as I write they are advertising at £159.99, they are also selling the same lawnmower through Amazon where it gets mixed reviews.

Specifications listed include:

  • Self Propelled
  • 18″ (46cm) cutting width
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • 55 litre grass collector
  • Wolf 4.5HP 139cc 4-Stroke OHV petrol engine

The Wolf petrol engine is interesting. I have seen other garden equipment advertised as having Wolf engines but as far as I can make out this Wolf has no connection with the Wolf-Garten brand of mowers an other tools.

4 comments on “Fox 18” Petrol Lawn Mower

  1. Alison

    We got ours through a newspaper ad, the website is is – have to say, my husband was delighted with until today, when it appears he lost (and found) a little spring and the self-propel mechanism stopped working. He is now outside having a go at fixing it, the problem being the technical office is closed til Monday, and even if we get them, it was mail order, so not sure if they have a local service dealer to fix it or not – and our local service dealer is likely to be a 1and a half hour drive away at the very least….but he might have just been unlucky. As I say, he’s loved it til now!


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