Kleva Shears – Bold Claims

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I received a “Garden must haves!” brochure from Clifford James today. Flicking through it my eye caught the bold claim “The world’s best pruning shears”, that is quite a statement, especially as they are advertising them for only £5.99.

kleva shears

The pruning shears concerned are called Kleva Shears and an internet search turns up an Australian web site promoting them that also makes some bold claims:

Safe and gentle on your plants
Stop sore arms and hands with KLEVASHEARS
No more struggling with hard pruners, big saws and large shears
No big muscle needed ideal for arthritics or RSI Sufferers
Glides through branches 20mm thick without damaging the tree or plant
Stops sore arms and hands
Prevention the transfer of disease between plants

To see them on the Clifford James web site click here.

If anyone has any experience of these secateurs please leave a comment below,. I would love to know if they live up to their claims.


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