Lidl Parkside pressure washer on sale again March 2016

Spring must be on its way as Lidl are advertising that they will be selling the Parkside PHD 150 D3 pressure washer in their mainland UK stores from March 5th 2016.

As is usual with Lidl weekly offers this is going to be a while stocks last promotion.

Features of the Parkside PHD 150 D3 pressure washer include:

  • 150 bar maximum pressure
  • 450 l/h water flow
  • 1.5 litre detergent tank
  • 8 metre hose
  • Various attachments included.
  • 500ml detergent included


2 comments on “Lidl Parkside pressure washer on sale again March 2016

  1. gary matrunola

    Having purchased a Parkside PHD 150 pressure washer from Lidl I was delighted with its performance, however on using it a year later the pressure gun split very slightly spraying water back at me for a very small hole in the tube, which gradually got longer and a far f
    bigger spray. I attempted to repair over the breach however the pressure was too great for the bandage repair and the water found its way past the repair so I gave up. Having inspected the gun I believe that the break in the plastic is immediately after the high pressure metal tube in the gun/handle and is a weakness resulting the that pressure at a extremely vulnerable area of the lance handle. To look at there is not a mark on the outside of the tube, however when the the trigger handle is used the water cascades vertically from the hole/cack, weakness.


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