Manual push cylinder mower on sale at Aldi

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Aldi are getting ready for spring 2015 with a range of gardening offers from Thursday 26th February including a manual push cylinder mower for just £29.99.

This early in the season it is difficult to compare this offering with other retailers as most are not yet stocking their full range of lawnmowers but come across a lightweight cylinder lawnmower being sol by B&Q in the same price range.

Of course the specialist garden machinery dealers such as Mowdirect and Lawnmowers UK have a good range of cylinder mowers in a variety of qualities and prices but if you just need something cheap and chearful the Aldi and B&Q mowers are worth considering.

Update: Tesco also have a new model hand cylinder lawnmower for 2015 and like the Aldi mower it has a 38cm cut width rather than the 30cm of most cheaper cylinder mowers. Details here.

Update: I saw these in Aldi and the box says made in China

1 comment on “Manual push cylinder mower on sale at Aldi

  1. Welsh not British (@welshnotbritish)

    Bought the one from Aldi yesterday for £25 (reduced from £30). The grass box is quite fiddly and looks a pain to take on and off but I don’t want to use a grass box with a push mower so that’s no issue for me.

    The mower has height settings and the gearing is spot on, it’s so easy to use you can do it with one hand. Occasionally it snags but you just bring it back a foot and go again. The lawned area of my garden is about 30′ * 20′. I’ve had petrol and now have an electric bosch which I will use for the first cut or it grows too quickly whilst I’m away but I’ll use the push one most of the time.

    The only issue will be how sharp the blades stay but if it lasts 2 years I’ll be happy with that.


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