Parkside PHD150 C2 Pressure Washer of offer at Lidl

Lidl are having a pressure washer as one of their special offers from Monday the 3rd of March 2014, and the specification looks impressive for the price they are asking.

Parkside PHD150 C2 Pressure Washer

The grey and yellow Parkside PHD150 C2 Pressure Washer is being advertised on the Lidl web site.

The quoted specifications are: Max. pressure (bar): 150, 2100W motor, Water flow (L/hr) 450, Tank capacity (L): 1.5, Cable length (m): 5

It has an aluminium pump rather than a plastic one which many see as an advantage.

The web site says it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

A compatible patio washer attachment is available separately.

Update : Thanks to Martin for pointing out Eurocarparts own Top Tech pressure washer (SEE HERE) is currently only £44.99 for a machine with a little bit less oomph than this Parkside one.


  1. I purchased this last year to replace my less powerful one and can honestly say it is well worth the money. It cleans the patio in half the time my old one did and so much better being that more powerful. It also has an aluminium tank, so will last longer as the cheaper ones are made of plastic and more prone to breaking. The three year guarantee is a bonus too. I’ve just been out today and bought the surface cleaner for a mere £14.99 which I was after last year but it sold out fast. Hope this helps.

    1. hhhmmnn my uncles machine died and he traced it down to a blown black capacitor thingy, which is not covered in the 3yr gaurentee, To be honest he has been flogging the crap out of the machine having it on for hours on end…..

  2. Well, it’s full in Romania with them. Today (29.02.2016) was the first day that Lidl has marketed the product and it is selling like ice-cream on the beach :))) I manage to buy one on the second Lidl that I searched. Hope they are ok. The price is 590 lei which is about 131 euro.

  3. Had mine 2 years and 6 months when It started smoking, contacted customer support and a replacement was sent immediately, you need to hold on to your receipt as they need a copy. Cannot fault the customer support.

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