Parkside PHD150 pressure washer on sale in Lidl again April 2015

Lidl are advertising they will be selling a Parkside pressure washer again from Thursday 23rd April 2015, this time the model designation on the picture is Parkside PHD 150 D3.


This pressure washer is rated with a maximum pressure of 150 bar and maximum water flow of 450 litres per hour.

The blurb on the Lidl web site says that this pressure washer is fitted with an aluminium pump and has a 1.5 litre detergent tank. It comes with various attachments.

As we wrote recently about the Workzone pressure washer being sold by Aldi possible alternatives to the Parkside PHD 150 could be the 150 bar Qualcast pressure washer on sale at Homebase and the smaller but cheaper Top Tech HPI1700 from Eurocarparts.

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