Qualcast 18 volt Li-ion cordless grass trimmer

Homebase are currently offering the Qualcast 18 volt Li-ion cordless grass trimmer for £47.99.

This Qualcast strimmer is powered by a rechargeable 18V Li-ion battery. It features a telescopic shaft and gives a cutting width of 25cm.

Qualcast Li-ion Cordless Grass Trimmer

5 comments on “Qualcast 18 volt Li-ion cordless grass trimmer

  1. D Collorick

    Yes both argos and homebase are selling this product and others similar but both fail to tell there customers that it is near impossible to find spare parts, especially batteries, for this or any other qualcast product, as qualcast is now only a name and products are made by several Chinese company’s selling under the qualcast product name,as I have found out in trying to find a replacement battery for my year old trimmer purchased from argos.

  2. J Wilson

    me too just two years old ,battery dead no replacement to be found, so annoying. if anyone knows different I would like to know.

  3. Moorea MacKenzie

    I’ve searched everywhere too for a battery for my 2 year old strimmer – wish I hadn’t bought it now as from all your comments it doesn’t look like I’ll have any luck!a

  4. Robert McGregor

    Deeply disappointed with Qualcast strimmer like the above. A perfect strimmer’ but cant get a charger for it


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