Ryno 99cc petrol lawnmower at The Range

The Range are selling a basic low priced 40cm 99c petrol lawnmower under their own Ryno brand.

This Ryno petrol lawnmower has a plastic deck like many of the low priced petrol mowers. It is a smart looking machine but is priced only slightly cheaper than its more robust looking 41cm cutting width Ryno stablemate.


Features for the Ryno 99cc petrol lawnmower include:

  • 40cm cutting width
  • 5 position cutting height adjustment
  • 25mm to 75mm cutting heights
  • 45 litre grass box
  • 99cc air cooled petrol engine

7 comments on “Ryno 99cc petrol lawnmower at The Range

  1. Pam McArthur

    Hi. My daughter has a Ryno 99cc , 40cm width cut. The black plastic housing of the pull cord part is cracked and I am looking to purchase the whole part to replace it. Do you have this please? Regards, Pam.

    1. Bay Leaf Post author

      Not knowing who makes these for The Range I would not know where to recommend you look. This is always the danger with unknown and own brands.

    2. Tony

      Not being funny but do yourself a favour and take the whole thing to your local tip. Bought two brand new petrol Ryno mowers from The Range over the last couple of years and they both ended up as scrap after a record period of time. Just gave our 2nd mower away today because the whole engine locked up / siezed after the 2nd startup (from coming out of the box). Plenty of oil in there, so not that. Very disappointed indeed. Won’t be buying any cheap and nasty Ryno rubbish ever again from The Range – they should be ashamed of themselves.
      Sorry for the rant, but my experience with these is not good.

  2. julia young

    we have a ryno 928972 petrol mower, the spring went early after purchase, it was replaced but we cannot find anyone prepared to fit it

  3. Elizabeth Piper

    We bought a Ryno 928972 and it has broken after 13 months. We thought it had been advertised in the shop as having a 2 year guarantee – but the receipt and accompanying leaflet does not state anything about guarantee length and the Range says it is only for a year. Does anyone know?

  4. Toni

    My lawn mower has done the same pully cord snapped and inside casing all broke where can I get a replacement please


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