So how much is a Rainsaver 190 litre Water Butt Kit?

190 litre water buttI recently received a magazine from my water company telling of all the wonderful things they are doing.

There was a half page advert for water butts, a special promotion between the water company and someone called Savewater.

I wondered if all the water companies made the same offer and did a Google search. It seems Savewater have teamed up with several partners, but each one has a different price.

The Rainsaver 190 litre Water Butt Kit comes with a child safe lid, a tap, a stand, and a diverter kit to fill your water butt from a gutter downpipe. The standard offer seems to be order one and you can get another at half price.

So how much are they charging?

Quite a difference in prices!

I then realised the company behind Savewater are also behind GetComposting who are offering the same water butt in association with various local councils.

You can see if your local council is working with GetComposting by visiting the web site and putting in your post code.

The same 190 litre water butt would seem to be available through newspaper special offers, this time without the second at half price offer. It is showing on both Express Reader Offers and The Independent at £59.99.

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