The Suffolk Punch SP15 39cm Petrol Lawnmower (and the SP15S too)

Suffolk Punch is a traditional lawn mower brand that you don’t normally come across these days. I was therefore surprised to see several Suffolk Punch lawnmowers on sale on the Machine Mart web site.

I noticed that the two 39cm Suffolk Punch mowers looked familiar with their polypropylene deck with a built in carrying handle on the front. They look remarkably similar to the Mountfield SP414 and MowDirect MD 40P which I had recently written about.

It seems that the Suffolk Punch SP15 39cm petrol lawnmower and the self propelled version, the Suffolk Punch SP15S, are from the same stable. The major difference between them and the MowDirect and Mountfield lawn mowers is that these two are fitted with 148cc Briggs and Stratton 450 series 4 stroke engines.


Suffolk Punch SP15 39cm Petrol Lawnmower

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