Vax pressure washer offer

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I received an email from Mighty Deals offering a “2000 Watt Vax Pressure Washer Cleaner” for £129. They claimed in the email it was worth £249. Included with the pressure washer on offer is a cleaning tool and patio cleaning kit.

vax pressure washer

£249 seemed a bit steep so I decided to see what others were asking. I suspect the model they are offering is the Vax PowerWash 2000w Pressure Washer.

Homebase list the Vax washer but at the time of looking were out of stock.

Argos have them in stock. The Vax PowerWash 2000w Pressure Washer itself is priced at £89.99, the optional Vax Outdoor and Patio Cleaning Kit is £39.99, but buy them together and you get a discounted price.

According to the Vax web site these pressure washers are fitted with an aluminium pump rather than the plastic pump some others use.

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