Video review of the Gtech HT04 2-in-1 Hedge Trimmer & Branch Cutter

The Gtech HT04 is a combined two in one rechargeable hedge trimmer and branch cutter, the two modes of use achieved via interchangeable tool heads.

Gtech HT04

Below is a video review produced by The Gardening Times showing the Gtech HT04 in use. It gives a good idea of the versatility of this 18v rechargeable hedge trimmer.

The HT04 has an adjustable head to give the right cutting angle and the telescopic handle extends giving a maximum length of 1.2 metres.

It comes with a 335mm hedge clipper blade attachment which trims stems up to 15mm thick, and a 100mm semi enclosed circular bladed saw pruner which can tackle branches up to 40mm thick.

Additional attachments can be purchased to allow the machine to be used as patio gap cleaner and grass shears. Spare batteries are available too to give you an even longer running time.

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