Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer at Aldi

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Aldi currently have a Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer one of their weekly ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone‘ deals.

Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer

The German supermarket chain is selling this 450 l/h pressure washer for £79.99. They are also offering a Patio and Wall Cleaner attachment for £24.99. Both come with a three year warranty.

Aldi list the following specifications for this Workzone pressure washer:

  • 450 litres/hour volume supplied
  • Weight: 12.1kg
  • 150 bar max. pressure
  • Includes: Spray Gun with Pressure Adjustment, Rotating Spray Gun and Rotating Clean Brush
  • Integrated 10m hose
  • 5m power cord
  • Integrated detergent tank

UPDATE 2016 : If you prefer a slightly less powerful model but from a well known brand Machine Mart have both the Bosch AQT 33-10 and Makita HW101 at a similar price to the Aldi machine.

Update: If you do not need such a powerful pressure washer the Top Tech HPI1700 from Eurocarparts seems a rather cheaper alternative.

Update: Another alternative could be the 150 bar Qualcast pressure washer being sold by Homebase.

33 comments on “Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer at Aldi

  1. Tony Skelton

    Does anyone know who makes this Aldi workzone pressure washer? What sort of pump does it have, brass, aluminum or plastic? Will Karcher accessories fit it?

    1. admin

      I would be extremely surprised if a pressure washer at this price had a brass pump. Pressure washers with aluminium pumps tend to shout about the fact as a feature so I suspect this may have a plastic pump, can anyone confirm? It would help if we knew who made it.

      1. Tony Skelton

        Not interested if it has a plastic pump, would rather buy a well known brand like Nilfisk that I know has an aluminum pump.

      2. Alan

        Although this is now 2016 it looks like the same model as above! According to manual, pump spec: ‘Aluminium with safety valve, 3-piston pump; piston made of hardened stainless steel. Wobbling disc made of steel’ Produced in China for Aldi in UK and Ireland. Recommend you buy accessories with machine, there are never enough patio cleaners (although the plastic shield works well for £3), not sure but the connection fitting looks very like the Lavor one on some pics I’ve seen. Will not match a Karcher accessories already owned! Hope this helps someone.

  2. Bert Fry

    Looks a good buy on paper but all things considered I think I would rather go for something like the Nilfisk C110 which has a lower specification but has spares readily available and a metal pump.

  3. Roger C Luther

    For £79.99 and a 3year warranty, who cares what type of pump it has, who made it or if spares are available.If it stops send it back.

    1. Andy

      Well said what leading manufacturer give a 3 year warranty on their machines !
      Part are avaiable if you look at the booklet .

  4. Wendy

    won’t turn on at all today, my friend apparently through out the owners manual with the box. don’t they have a website anywhere?

    1. Andy

      The soap only is fed into the system from the bottle with rotating brush or pulled out low pressure nozzles but only lasts about 5 minutes before bottle empty , so be quick applying the soap

  5. Woody

    Regarding the Aldi offer – ‘when it’s gone…..’ – would be helpful if it was even ‘there’ in the first place! Got up early on BH Mon – was 2nd in the queue. Went straight to the stand, following the first customer – he picked one up….. AND THAT WAS IT. ONE – JUST ONE…. Their stock comprised of ONE!!!! Limited stock or what? When it was gone – it was….. Shot down to the next Aldi – guess what…… and customer No 3 was there also – also empty handed. WHAT A FARCE! Got the patio cleaner attachment though – well had to buy something – which fits on an old washer (in a fashion) which is ace. Wait on ……. good marketing strategy Aldi, well done…..

  6. Walter Wall

    There were two left in the Aldi I visited today but I didn’t buy one as it said Made in China on the box.

  7. Dean

    Bought 1 in Llanelli yesterday,about 8 left,sold out in Cwmdu and Gorsienon .None of the Aldis had the bit that fits to clean walls,was told they sold out Easter Monday,some might be returned,some say they are universal,others say not half the price of Karcher fitting.


    To use the soap spray ,you twist andpull out the fan spray attachment.Great product good attachments, hose and electric cable good lengths plus the exellent price.

  9. Simon

    Regarding the slogon when it’s gone it’s gone , when u get up early to b the first in the quere only to b disappointed to find they only have one in store , save your self the bother & order on line no hassle at all

    1. deano

      Searched everywhere in Swansea,sold out,went to Llanelli they had 15 stacked up,bought that and also picked up a gas barbecue for £20,happy days.

    1. Steve

      Yes , just brought one and tested it , first one I brought had the trigger missing (made Germany this time….from Chinese parts ?

  10. McD

    I bought mine in Aberdeen (Westhill store) there were loads available. Not tried it yet and am a bit concerned about the bad reviews it is receiving. Just want a clean car and motor bike.

  11. Alan B.

    My mother in law bought mine two days ago in witham along with the spray shield and patio cleaner. She’s now away for a few days so I sneaked round her house and cleaned her patio. ITS AWSOMELY GOOD FOR THE PRICE!

  12. Jan Reeders

    Bought mine last year and have used it several times. Coupled to the paving cleaner – absolutely great

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