Workzone electric chainsaw on sale at Aldi

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I see Aldi are advertising that they will be selling a Workzone electric chainsaw for £54.99 from Sunday 28th September 2014.

Specifications listed for this chainsaw include:

  • 40cm blade
  • Oregon chain and bar
  • 2300W power
  • Safety kickback brake
  • Safety lock with switch
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system

It would be interesting to know if the packaging or instructions give a clue as to who actually manufactures these Workzone chainsaws. If anyone reading this purchases one of please let us know in the comments below.

Looking around the nearest equivalent electric chainsaw I can find is the Titan TTB355CHN being sold by Screwfix.

10 comments on “Workzone electric chainsaw on sale at Aldi

    1. Alan Richardson

      Bought one 4/5 years ago, which I’ve just unburied from my shed!
      Label attached says made by Mogatec Gmb

      1. Alan Richardson

        Label also shows 0845 number – No longer in service, and a website which also appears to have been abandoned. I just need basic operating instructions, so will try Aldi & Lidl for contact details, as they still seem to be handling their products

  1. Dan

    Purchased one yesterday and after a grueling 5 hours of sawing no problems! Top oil up hourly on continious use check & adjust tension that os it! Simply Brilliant for the money

    1. Joca

      Dan how noisy was your chain saw? Bought one and tested the motor and it sounded rather noisy. Took the chain and bar off and only slightly quieter, sounds as if several loose nuts rotating inside the motor. Wander whether to return it or not??

      1. aneng

        Mine sounds exactly the same – like it’s running with gravel in the gearbox. I’m on this site because I’m searching for someone else with the same ‘problem’ – and found you. I’m guessing they must all be like that.

  2. Trevor Anderson

    Bought one over a year ago – powerful but a bit noisy/ropey!– It’s had a bit of use – it just today started throwing the chain – On inspection found the rotor bearing has totally disintegrated! – Metal confetti splattered inside the casing and damage to the plastic housing holding the bearing in.

    Will try to get a replacement bearing from Aldi Service (0845 693 977) – Last time a bit went (the tensioner) about 5 months ago, they sent me a replacement they salvaged from one of their ‘Returns’ free of charge.

    Who knows – I may get lucky !!!

  3. A.B.P

    I have a workzone ksi 2000 require a new chain,have searched internet but all chains are either 16 ins or 18 inch,the ksi2000 chain is 20 ins,any idea where to get one from anyone?

    1. barrie wass

      Most mower shops will make you up a replacement chain. I had to get my aldi work zone a new Oregon chain last year from my local mower shop


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