Buying a spark plug for a lawnmower engine (NGK BPR6ES)

I needed a new spark plug for a petrol engine lawn mower and decided to see what was available on-line. This was to be fitted to a Honda lawn mower engine so I needed a NGK BPR6ES or the equivalent Champion RN9YC.

Spark plug

Looking on Amazon I was surprised to find I could buy a NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug for around two pounds including delivery. I suspect I would be charged more than this over the counter at a garden machinery specialist or a car accessory store.

While I was at it I bought a 4 litre can of Petronas SYNTIUM oil from Amazon for an extremely good price. Well If Petronis products are good enough for the Mercedes Formula One team they are good enough for my car and lawnmower.

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