So what happened to Partner lawnmowers, trimmers etc?

Remember the bright yellow Partner lawnmowers? You may have one, or maybe one of their other garden power tools such as a Partner strimmer.


If you own a Partner mower you may have noticed they are no longer sold and wondered about obtaining spares should you need too. Do not panic spare blades and other spare parts for Partner garden equipment are widely available from on-line dealers such as BuySpares.

So what happened to Partner? The clue lies in the fact they used to brand themselves ‘Partner by Electrolux‘.

The giant Swedish Electrolux company owned various brands including Husqvarna and Flymo. Partner fitted in with these as a brand aimed at a mid range domestic market.

Electrolux split their outdoor power tool division off into a separate company called Husqvarna AB in 2006, and then in 2008 Husqvarna acquired the rights to the American McCulloch brand. It looks like McCulloch was considered a stronger brand name than Partner as McCulloch lawnmowers now occupy the market sector Partner used to.

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  1. pete

    Thanks for that useful info. I have a Partner and have desperately searched for their support site. Turns out its now there under Husqvarna


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