In praise of a Honda GCV135 petrol lawnmower engine

Back in 2001 I purchased a Mountfield lawn mower fitted with a Honda GCV135 petrol engine. It got used for a couple of seasons and due to a change in circumstances got stored away in a damp, leaking shed.

Earlier this week I retrieved the Mountfield mower from its resting place thinking that the engine would have suffered badly from its neglect. It looked in surprisingly good condition and when I pulled the started cord the engine turned freely. I checked the air filter and spark plug, both looked clean and in good condition. I poured a small amount of unleaded petrol into the fuel tank just to see if the Honda engine would start, but not convinced it would. Well it took half a dozen pulls on the starter cord but then the engine then burst into life and ran smoothly. Once it had started the once it easily restarted.

I have to say I was both relieved and very impressed. The Honda GCV135 is a sturdy bit of kit.

Honda GCV135 Petrol Engine

Honda GCV135

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