Aldi 1400W 37cm Lawnmower, is it an Einhell?

Aldi are advertising that they are selling a 1400 watt lawnmower from the 27th of April 2014. It has a 37cm cutting width, a single wheel height level adjuster and comes with a 36 litre grass collection box.

I wondered where Aldi were sourcing this electric lawn mower and searching around I came across the Einhell BG-EM1437  which looked suspiciously similar.

The Einhell BG-EM1437, available from WorldStores, seems to have an identical specification to the Aldi mower too. In fact the only difference I can see is the the Einhell lawnmower is blue, the Aldi mower green.

UPDATE: If you missed out on this Aldi lawnmower Tesco are offering the similarly specified Tesco 38cm 1400w ELM042012.

Einhell BG-EM1437 37cm 1400 Watt Electric Lawn Mower

Einhell BG-EM1437 1400 Watt Electric Lawn Mower - 37cm

2 comments on “Aldi 1400W 37cm Lawnmower, is it an Einhell?

  1. big al

    yes got one from aldi at the weekend,has the einhell web address for technical help on the box

  2. marc

    Is it good? Thinking of getting one too. Looks OK, no bells and whistles but powerful. Guessing it is good value for the money?


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