BBC TV programme tests three cordless lawnmowers, which came out top?

The middle of January seems an unusual time to review rechargeable cordless lawnmowers but that is what the BBC television show “What To Buy And Why” did in a recent episode. This followed the same format as the programmes other product test, compare three items, one expensive and top of the range, one mid range and a basic model. In this case the cordless mowers put through there paces at Osborne House were:

Ryobi RLM 18X40H240 – This was the presented as the top of the range rechargable lawn mower. This 40cm cutting width mower was said to leave the best finish.

Bosch Rotak 32 Ergoflex – The show concluded this Bosch lawnmower with a 32cm cutting width represented the best value for money of the three mowers.

Sovereign Cordless – Sovereign is an own brand from the owners of Argos and Homebase and this 32cm lawnmower was the basic cheap model of the three. The Sovereign was praised for its lightness but the reviewer had issues with keeping the handle switch pulled so that the mower did not cut out.

which cordless lawnmower

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