Argos & Homebase ‘Own Brand’ Qualcast lawnmowers, who makes them?

Qualcast is a strong brand in the UK lawn mower market with a long history.

In a 2010 article titled Confusing product labelling at leading retailers – Puzzling brand names at Argos and Homebase Which! revealed that Bosch who owned the Qualcast brand had actually been licensing the Qualcast name to the Home Retail Group for use on products in sold their retail stores that were not made by Bosch.

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Home Retail Group operate the Argos catalogue stores and the Homebase chain. This means Qualcast lawn mowers and other garden tools  bought in Argos or Homebase might be genuine Bosch Qualcast machines, or they could be product made by another manufacturer exclusively for these two chains.

So who is making these Argos and Homebase Qualcast machines? Well a clue as to the source of their petrol engined Qualcast equipment can be found on the Einhell UK web site. They have a page titled These FAQ’s are specifically for Qualcast products purchased at Argos which seems to suggest these are actually Einhell products.

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  1. Tom

    The Qualcast mower range is mainly produced by a company called Sumec. The rest of their electric mowers are made by a company called Einhell.

    Einhell make most of the electric mowers we see in the UK, regardless of brand. The clue is in the handlebars and power switch, as they make only one type, the only difference is the colour. The switch is on the corner of the handlebars, in a very uncomfortable position. The mounting point on the deck is vertical, so you push the handlebars down into the when you’re building it, then put a single screw into the side to hold it in place. I have one of the Einhell branded basic lawnmower and strimmer combos at my rental property, the grass area is about 25sqm and the holding the trigger on the power switch hurts by the time I’m half way through. I think the motor is pretty powerful for the price I paid, it plods through tall grass with ease but the box fills up pretty quick if you don’t keep on top of it! The strimmer is pretty rubbish though, uncomfortable from the moment you pick it up, and it likes to split in two while you’re doing the job.

    At my house I have the Qualcast/Sumec petrol mower. I found out that Sumec make them when one of the front wheels fell off after 13 months and Homebase told me they were consumables. I laughed as I work for a major car manufacturer, and if we told our customers that “wheels just fall off” we’d be out of business within a year. The invoice I got had none of Argos/Homebase’s disguises over the top of it, just “Sumec UK Co Ltd”. I Googled them and found that they make all sorts of mowers, petrol and electric. The Homebase petrol ones are there for all to see, painted black and branded “PowerG”. Here’s the link to one of Homebase’s Qualcast mowers in it’s PowerG branding:

    In terms of spare parts, the front wheels (I’ve had to replace 3 in 3 years) are currently £10.99 each including delivery so they’re not too bad. The spare parts are stocked in York and the team there are very friendly if you like ordering parts for it. Personally, I’m tired of having chunks taken out of my lawn when the wheel drops the deck to the ground. Buy cheap, buy twice folks!

    1. Simon Drake

      Sumec produce most of the engines for GGP products too sold under Mountfield/Stiga etc names. They are improving, the early SV150 was pretty poor but later ones aren’t bad, though it was essentially a copy of a Briggs & Stratton Sprint series engine with a different ( and better) carburettor. The larger OHV RM series are copies of Honda GXV engines. Chinese products have a bad name, and some of it is pretty dreadful, I had a new Qualcast ( Sumec) grass trimmer in this morning to set up and it was a nasty piece of machinery that had no clutch and was flimsy. Carburettor was set too lean too. But they can produce decent stuff if a manufacturer wants it, Briggs have a factory there and you’d never know the difference, and Mitox machines are good and getting better. I bought a new multi tool four years ago and its a good machine, not up to Husqvarna quality but not the same price,but its not cheap tat either.

  2. r course

    has anybody an idea where i can obtain spare gearbox assembly for qualcast mower self propelled bought from argos

  3. Peter Ogwe

    Hi, I bought an ex-display Qualcast Edgemax Rotary Lawnmower from Homebase in Croydon when they were closing down. It was sold without a battery and charger. The shop Assistant advised they were “easy to obtain, just look on Ebay. I have spent almost 2 years searching everywhere for the missing items but only managed to get a charger but no battery. Homebase don’t want to know as the product was sold at a discount.
    Can anyone please HELP???

  4. Mike

    Hi peter, I have just bought a qualcast tool and on the manual they have a number for Technical Advice , spare parts and service support.. its 03332000336, though I have not tried it yet. tell us how you get on


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